Orthodontics for adults

Any age is the right age for orthodontics treatment. The field of orthodontics has evolved spectacularly in recent years and we have gone from orthodontics that were very simple clinically and technically to the complex orthodontics that we work with today. It is a very broad and complex field that requires a diagnosis by a qualified professional, with 3 years of post-graduate studies after completing a Dentistry degree.

Nowadays there are two groups in society which require orthodontic treatment: children and adolescents; and adults.

And it is the treatment techniques for the latter group that we are going to examine a Little more closely. The majority of patients prefer Invisible Orthodontics, that is to say, treatments in which the braces cannot so easily be seen. And to respond to this need highlighted by patients, various techniques have been developed:

Lingual orthodontics

Undoubtedly the best option and the most invisible orthodontic treatment available, this technique consists of placing braces behind the teeth. “Nobody will know that you have an orthodontic appliance fitted”. Lingual orthodontic treatment affords you great control over the matter, more so than other techniques which are also known as invisible orthodontics and, therefore, it allows us to offer the patient a high-quality invisible technique.

Orthodontics with sapphire braces

A little less invisible, but also more aesthetically pleasing than metal braces, are sapphire braces, which are totally transparent. These are placed on the vestibular surface of the tooth (the visible side) but, since they are completely transparent and adaptable to the colour of the tooth, they are very aesthetically pleasing and greatly concealed. Many adolescents, and also many adults, wear them.

Removable orthodontics

There are other invisible orthodontic techniques which are not fixed. These are known as removable techniques, which means that they are appliances that can been removed and re-placed, such as Invisalign, which, albeit with more limited results than the fixed techniques, can also prove a good solution.

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