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At Moonz we invite the little ones to get involved from the very first time in their own health and personal development. For this reason, we invite them to enter into an imaginary world in which, with the help of Big and Doc, they will learn in a fun way and through different experiences the important values for their future.

Is education

6, 7, 8,…12 years old – essential ages in the education of our children. We, the parents, have the main responsibility and that is why we need to take great care when choosing educational centres.

At Moonz we are not around long enough to educate and give values to your children but we are very aware that the transference of these values is, perhaps today more than ever, essential to our children’s future lives. We are very aware that we are an external agent that has contact with them for a specific period of time, however we strongly believe that we can help to reinforce the work that is done at home

The future generations
are the responsibility of today’s

Ortodoncia odontopediatría

Is fun

The stars of our centres are the children. We want them to feel very at ease with us and for their experiences at Moonz to be different and special, for them to look forward to seeing us again as much as we do them, and that is why we want them to have fun with us and feel happy at the clinics.

Everyone who forms part of our team shares this aspiration and we come up with millions of ideas, workshops in the clinic, parties such as Halloween parties, games and contests, competitions, sports events, and so on...

At Moonz, children come to their appointment and then do not want to leave, or they come with their brothers and sisters because everyone wants to come.

And do you know what the secret is?
It’s that their happiness is ours

Is development

After many years in this profession, we have realised that we are now treating the children of people who used to be our patients, and that we watch those children grow up. They tell us about their happy moments, what annoys them about school and their university or career ambitions.

Although we have been able to significantly shorten the treatments by performing them over two stages, the personal bond that forms between us is so strong that it results in a relationship that goes beyond the simply “dental” and it means we can work together with the parents on the personal development of their children.

Being aware of this makes us think about projects such as the Moonz club that encourages your children’s involvement in the treatment, the excitement, the effort, the satisfaction in exceeding targets and fun. The end result will not only be a smile that they have contributed to, but also learning the lesson that by making an effort you can achieve goals and, more importantly, the certainty that they can do anything they set their minds to."

The end result will be learning the lesson
that by making an effort you can achieve goals

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