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Dr. Girón de Velasco and Dr. Sada have attended the 65th Congress of the SEDO

Dr. Sada and Dr. Girón de Velasco have attended the 65th Sedo Congress (Spanish Society of Orthodontics) held in Granada in the month of June. During this congress, Dr. Girón de Velasco had the privilege of presiding over a round table with Dr. Martin Navarro, where speakers of national and international level, such as Dr. Duran Von Arx and Dr. Ruiz Díaz, conferred.

In addition, Dr Giron de Velasco has given a lecture on the Visualization of the aesthetic objective in orthodontics.

We are proud to participate actively in the development of our society together with a national and international group of specialists, including Dr. Delgado, Dr. Sada, Dr. Peter Ngan, Dr. Lorenzo Franchi, Dr. Luis Carriere, Dr. María José Jimenez, Dr. McNamara and Dr. Girón de Velasco at SEDO in Granada.