Orthodontics for adults

Any age is the right age for orthodontics treatment. The field of orthodontics has evolved spectacularly in recent years and we have gone from orthodontics that were very simple clinically and technically to the complex orthodontics that we work with today. It is a very broad and complex field that requires a diagnosis by a qualified professional, with 3 years of post-graduate studies after completing a Dentistry degree.

Invisible Orthodontics

In addition to the lingual orthodontics, there are other invisible orthodontic techniques, which are not fastened. These are the so-called removable techniques which are appliances that can be taken off and put on, such as Invisalign, which, although with more limited results than fastened techniques, also have their indication.

There are several commercial centers of removable orthotics in the market, which are becoming more and more popular and that is allowing the technique to improve very fast and the final cost for the patient to be reduced.

The orthodontist's opinion is essential to assess the patient's suitability for this aesthetic technique and enables to remove the appliances at certain times when the patient does not want them to be seen or when they feel uncomfortable.

It is a treatment that consists of the fabrication of a series of splints, which generate micro-movements in the teeth until a predetermined final situation is reached. It is the orthodontist's job to diagnose the case as best as possible, in order to make an appropriate treatment plan to generate those final results.

The splints, at the orthodontist's discretion, will be changed every 7 days or even every month, depending on the amount of movement requested of each splint and the direction of that movement.

At Moonz, one of the characteristics of this technique is that it permits some virtual appointments, making it very applicable to adults who travel, adults who are very busy, or teenagers studying abroad.

The great advantage of this technique is the aesthetics and comfort. However, it is not recommended for patients who do not believe they will have enough discipline to wear the braces for a minimum of hours a day.

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