Orthodontics for adults

Any age is the right age for orthodontics treatment. The field of orthodontics has evolved spectacularly in recent years and we have gone from orthodontics that were very simple clinically and technically to the complex orthodontics that we work with today. It is a very broad and complex field that requires a diagnosis by a qualified professional, with 3 years of post-graduate studies after completing a Dentistry degree.

Orthodontics with brackets and sapphire

Something that is less invisible than the lingual orthodontics or the orthodontic with the invisible aligners, but also more esthetic than the metal brackets, are the brackets with sapphire which are completely transparent.

The invisible brackets are placed on the vestibular side of the tooth (the one you can see), but as they are completely transparent and adaptable to the color of the tooth, they are very esthetic and concealable. They are worn by many adolescents and also by many adults.

For a while, this treatment was chosen as the most aesthetic treatment. This is due to the ability of some brands of these brackets to mimic the color of the tooth, although going through the visible part of the tooth makes them very aesthetic at a social distance. However, in reality, they are more visible than other techniques. The advantage of the sapphire brackets is its fast and accurate treatment, in addition to the adapted industry costs that are in a range slightly above the metal brackets and below other more aesthetic techniques.

Undoubtedly, it is the chosen appliance for a large majority of adolescents and young adults and also for a very significant percentage of adults.

In spite of its great defect, which is that the rubber bands that hold the wires are stained, at Moonz we advise patients to come to your center, that provides an orthodontic service every workday, to have their ligatures changed, and especially the day before an important event.

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