Orthodontics for adults

Any age is the right age for orthodontics treatment. The field of orthodontics has evolved spectacularly in recent years and we have gone from orthodontics that were very simple clinically and technically to the complex orthodontics that we work with today. It is a very broad and complex field that requires a diagnosis by a qualified professional, with 3 years of post-graduate studies after completing a Dentistry degree.

Lingual orthodontics

Lingual orthodontics is undoubtedly the most esthetic option that exists in orthodontics. If the patient wishes so, no one will ever notice that he or she is wearing braces and it will be done excellently by experts.

It is the most invisible orthodontics, the brackets are placed behind the teeth, "no one will know you are wearing braces". Lingual orthodontics allows you great control over the case, more than other techniques also called invisible orthodontics, and therefore offers the patient a high quality invisible technique.

This technique has been on the market for more than 40 years and is one of the techniques that has evolved the most in the industry. Although at the beginning it was a very manual technique, in the last generations, the wires are manufactured by robots and the appliance is less bulky. This minimizes its great defect, which can be uncomfortable for the tongue.

For this reason, the orthodontist will recommend this technique if the dental arches are wide, the tongue is not excessively voluminous, and the esthetic requirements are high.

As great virtues, it is the most esthetic technique available, it does not require collaboration beyond the minimum necessary for any orthodontic treatment, and orthodontically it allows the best possible finish.

As with everything, there is room for improvement in certain aspects, such as patient comfort and even the cost of treatment.

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