Orthodontics for Kids

At Moonz, we recommend the first orthodontics check-up for children at the age of 6 or 7, in order to detect any irregularities in the child's bone and dental growth as early as possible.

The Orthodontics for Children in our centres covers: Interceptive orthodontics, Orthopaedics, and Orthodontics at an early age.

First check up

One of the greatest advances made in orthodontics is the value of orthopaedic and interceptive treatments in patients at an age when they are still growing. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an initial check-up with an orthodontist by the age of 6.

This makes it possible to detect problems with bones, the position of teeth and facial bones at the ideal age to be able to treat them and be able to plan the best treatment for them by acting on each problem at the right moment.

Why Your Child Should Get An Orthodontic Check-up No Later Than Age 7?

  • 1 The orthodontist may detect an early problem, which should be corrected immediately, taking advantage of the patient's growth, and at other times, he or she will simply decide to monitor the patient periodically to treat him or her at the most appropriate time.
  • 2 Malocclusions or incorrect oral habits (prolonged pacifier use, thumb sucking, bruxism, etc.) can be detected early in a first check-up.
  • 3 While your child’s teeth may appear to be straight, there could be a problem that only an orthodontist can detect.
  • 4 The orthodontist can detect bone problems of the jaws and can prevent and correct the problem in time, even if the child already has his primary teeth.
  • 5 Early detection of bone, space and facial bone growth problems allows the orthodontist to achieve better results, which would be improbable once facial, maxillary and mandibular growth is complete.
  • 6 Early treatment of malocclusion will avoid future complications, shorten the time of subsequent treatments and also reduce the difficulty of the final phase with braces.
  • 7 Early treatment may give your orthodontist the chance to:

    • · Guide jaw growth.
    • · lower the risk of trauma to protruded front teeth.
    • · correct harmful oral habits.
    • · improve appearance.
    • · guide permanent teeth into a more favorable position.
    • · improve the way lips meet.
    • · Reduce the need for extractions of permanent teeth and surgical traction of blocked tusks..
  • 8 Through early orthodontic screening, you’ll be giving your child the best opportunity for a healthy, beautiful smile that’s good for life.

The Right Time for an Orthodontic Check-Up ? No Later than Age 7

American Association of Orthodontists

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