Terms and conditions

The main purpose of these rules is to regulate access to the Website. Those who freely access the Website are obliged to abide by them. The access and browsing of the Website implies the express and unreserved acceptance of the rules.


This website www.moonz.es (hereinafter referred to as the 'Website') is the property of MOONZ, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as 'MOONZ'), company incorporated under Spanish legislation, with registered office at calle Valle del Roncal, 12, 1º, oficina 17 (28232) Las Rozas, Madrid, with Tax Identification Number (CIF) B- 86353554, and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Volume 29442, Page 46, Sheet M529950, Entry 1, and with the email address contacto@moonz.es.

The website

Purposes and target audience

The Website facilitates the public’s general knowledge of the company and its activity, and, furthermore, allows it to communicate with MOONZ.

Applicable legislation

This Legal Notice, which also includes the Website’s rules of use and privacy policy, shall be interpreted pursuant to Spanish legislation. Due to the supranational nature of electronic communications infrastructure, those who access the Website from other countries must additionally abide by the applicable legislation enacted by each state, insomuch as its application is mandatory.

Rules of use

Purpose and acceptance

The main purpose of these rules is to regulate access to the Website. Those who freely access the Website are obliged to abide by them. The access and browsing of the Website implies the express and unreserved acceptance of the rules.

Unauthorised conduct

Those who access the Website must scrupulously abide by the applicable legislation, the codes of ethics and rules of use of the Website. Pursuant thereto, they shall abstain from conduct that may entail:

  • Defaming the services provided by MOONZ.
  • Disseminating viruses which harm computer programmes or affect content, storage media or systems.
  • Removing the technical protections of computer programmes.
  • Associating the content of the Website with information of a pornographic nature, relating to any type of exploitation of a racist or xenophobic nature, or linked to terrorism or arms trafficking.
  • Transforming, publicly communicating, distributing, assigning, reproducing or modifying the content of the Website, unless any of the valid exceptions under law are applicable or were expressly authorised by MOONZ.
  • Failing to fulfil the technical requirements or established specifications for access to the Website.

Suspension of the Website

The functioning of the Website relies on servers of service-supply companies connected through public and private communications infrastructure.

Access to the Website can be suspended for technical reasons or causes of force majeure, such as:

  • Faults in the electrical or telephone network supply.
  • Fires, floods, earthquakes or other acts of God. Strikes or labour conflicts.
  • Armed conflicts or other situations of force majeure.

The foregoing causes, which are expressed by way of example and do not constitute a restrictive list, are considered unpredictable or, when predicted or predictable, are unavoidable.

MOONZ is exempt from any liability when these cases arise.

Legal liability

Non-compliance with these rules or with prevailing legislation may imply illegal conduct, an administrative penalty, an offence or a crime, and shall give MOONZ the right, where applicable, to enforce liability in the appropriate corresponding civil, administrative, labour or criminal sphere.

Incorporated content

Legal protection of the content

MOONZ is the owner of the intellectual and industrial property exploitation rights of the content included on the Website, either because this is its property or because it has obtained the proper rights for its use. Also, MOONZ has obtained the proper authorisations relating to image rights of those who appear on its web page.

In no case shall it be understood that the access and browsing of the user implies renunciation, transmission, licence or complete or partial assignment of said rights on the part of MOONZ..

It is prohibited to modify, copy, reuse, take advantage of, reproduce, publicly communicate, make second copies or later publications, upload files, send by email, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way all or part of the content included on the Website for commercial purposes and/or for profit without the express authorisation of MOONZ.

It is also prohibited to use the contact details of MOONZ (postal or email address) for the sending of any type of commercial communication, unless previously in possession of the necessary authorisations as set forth in the applicable regulations.

Associated brands and logos

The brands incorporated in the Website are owned by MOONZ or third parties, with MOONZ possessing the authorisation for their use on the Website.

Those who browse the Website are prohibited to use said brands, logos and distinctive signs without the authorisation of the owner or the licence for their use.

Links to other websites

References which may be made on the Website to other websites of third parties shall be merely of an informative nature. MOONZ neither develops nor runs said pages and it is not the owner of the internet addresses mentioned unless this is expressly indicated. Therefore, MOONZ shall not be liable for the content that these include, nor for the damages derived from access thereto or those generated by the services they may provide.

MOONZ authorises the creation of links and hyperlinks from other web pages to the Website. However, those who intend to create a link between their web page and our Website shall do so respecting the following conditions:

  • The web page on which the link is created shall not contain information or content which is illegal, contrary to morality, to good customs, to public order or any rights of third parties.
  • It shall not be stated or suggested that MOONZ has expressly authorised the link or that it has in any way previously supervised, taken on or recommended the services offered or made available on the web page containing the link to our Website. Therefore, those who browse our Website are recommended to exercise extreme caution when assessing and using the information, content and services on the sites containing the links.
  • The establishment of the link in no case implies the existence of a relationship between MOONZ and the owner of the web page on which it is established, nor the acceptance or approval of its content or services on the part of MOONZ.

Privacy policy

Who is responsible for the processing of your data?

This Privacy Policy regulates the processing of personal data carried out as a consequence of accessing and using the Internet portal corresponding to the address http://www.moonz.es (hereinafter, the "Portal"), of the which is the owner of MOONZ, SL (hereinafter, "MOONZ"), a company incorporated under Spanish law, with registered office at C / AZALEA, 1 - BUILDING E, GROUND FLOOR, OFFICE 4.28109, ALCOBENDAS, MADRID, with CIF B-86353554 and registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, Volume 29442, Folio 46, Page M529950, 1st Inscription and with email address contacto@moonz.es.

The use of the Portal attributes the condition of user (hereinafter, the "User" or "You") and implies the knowledge and acceptance of all the conditions included in this Privacy Policy. The User must carefully read this Privacy Policy in each of the occasions that he / she intends to use the Portal, as this may be modified.
This privacy notice applies to anyone who interacts with us about our products and services (‘you’, ‘your’), in any way (for example, by email, through our website, by phone, through our app). We will give you further privacy information if necessary for specific contact methods or in relation to specific products or services.

In compliance with the provisions of the applicable regulations on personal data protection, we inform you that in order to use the "CONTACT" service offered by our Portal, it may be necessary for you to provide us with certain personal data that will be incorporated into automated files of those who will be responsible for the companies of the MOONZ group depending on the clinic to which they address their contact request, as indicated below:

- Clínica Zarzuela: GIVESA, SL, CIF: B79788089 and address at CNO. DE LA ZARZUELA, 1.28023, MADRID, MADRID.
- Marbella Clinic: GIVESA, SL (data indicated in the immediately preceding point)
- Clínica Bilbao: MOONZ BILBAO, SL, CIF: B8701045 and address in CRTA. LEIOA-URIBE, 33 BIS.48950, ERANDIO, VIZCAYA.
- London Clinic: MOONZ ORTHODONCITCS, Ltd Company Registration 07767916 20-22 Wenlock Road N1 7GU London

All the fields that appear in any of the forms must necessarily be filled in, in such a way that the omission of any of them may imply the impossibility that we can meet your request or provide the corresponding services.

In general, the data collected will be treated with the purpose of providing the services offered through the Portal or attending other types of relationships that may arise with the companies of the MOONZ group. Specifically, the information provided with the completion of the "CONTACT" form will be used for the administrative management of your request and your eventual contractual relationship with the Moonz clinic to which you have directed your contact request, in accordance with the above.

Additionally, during said data collection, your consent may be requested for another series of purposes that do not have a direct relationship with the service or the corresponding relationship. In the event that you do not agree with these additional treatments, check or uncheck the box assigned to the effect as appropriate.

How do we collect your data?

We collect personal information from you:

• through your contact with us, including by phone (we may record or monitor phone calls to make sure we are keeping to legal rules, codes of practice and internal policies, and for quality assurance purposes), by email, through our websites, through our apps, by post, by filling in application or other forms, by entering competitions, through social media or face-to-face (for example, in medical consultations, diagnosis and treatment).

We also collect information from other people and organisations.
For all our customers, we may collect information from:
• your parent or guardian, if you are under 18 years old;
• a family member, or someone else acting on your behalf;
• doctors, other clinicians and health-care professionals, hospitals, clinics and other health-care providers;
• any service providers who work with us in relation to your product or service, if we don’t provide it to you direct, such as providing you with apps, medical treatment, dental treatment or health assessments;
• organisations, such as CACI or Binleys, who carry out customer-satisfaction surveys or market research on our behalf, or who provide us with statistics and other information (for example, about your interests, purchases and type of household) to help us to improve our products and services;
• fraud-detection and credit-reference agencies; and
• sources which are available to the public, such as the edited electoral register or social media.

Categories of personal information

We process two categories of personal information about you and (where this applies) your dependants:

standard personal information (for example, information we use to contact you, identify you or manage our relationship with you); and
special categories of information (for example, health information, information about your race, ethnic origin and religion that allows us to tailor your care, and information about crime in connection with checks against fraud or anti-money-laundering registers).

With what purposes are we going to treat your personal data?

1.- Patients: In SOCIEDADES DEL GRUPO MOONZ. We will treat your personal data with the following purposes: Provision of the requested health services, as well as the administrative management of them. Conservation of the clinical history.

2.- Clients: In THE COMPANIES OF THE MOONZ GROUP. We will treat your personal data with the following purposes: Preparation of the budget. Monitoring of the budget through communications between both parties. Commercial or event information by electronic means. Manage administrative and logistics services contracted. Monitoring of the contractual relationship and billing. Control and recovery management.

3.- Suppliers: In THE COMPANIES OF THE MOONZ GROUP. We will treat your personal data for the purpose of billing.

4.- Contacts of the web or of the electronic mail: We can treat your IP, what operating system or navigator you use, and even the duration of your visit, of anonymous form. If you provide us with information in the contact form, you will identify yourself in order to contact you, if necessary.

In THE SOCIETIES OF THE MOONZ GROUP. We will treat your personal data with the following purposes: Answer your questions, requests or requests. Manage the requested service, answer your request, or process your request. Information by electronic means, that relate to your request. Commercial information or events by electronic means, as long as there is express authorization. Perform analysis and improvements on the Web, about our products and services. Improve our commercial strategy

5.- Contacts of the newsletter: On the Web, you can subscribe to the Newsletter, if you provide us with an email address, to which the same will be sent. We will only store your email in our database, and will proceed to send you emails periodically, until you request the cancellation, or stop sending emails. The Newsletter can have Web beacon, which confirms statistically if you have opened it, at what time or how many times. We use it to study the best shipping times and what interests you, but we will not have personal information about you, just your email. In addition, the mailing application is from the USA, and there may be an international transfer of data to servers in that country, but protected by the Privacy Shield. You will always have the option to unsubscribe, in any communication.

6.- Contacts social networks: In THE SOCIETIES OF THE MOONZ GROUP. We will treat your personal data with the following purposes: Answer your questions, requests or requests. Manage the requested service, answer your request, or process your request. Connect with you and create a community of followers. All this in accordance with its Privacy policies:

• Facebook https://www.facebook.com/policy.php?ref=pf
• Instagram https://help.instagram.com/155833707900388
• Twitter https://twitter.com/privacy
• Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy?trk=hb_ft_priv
• Google* https://www.google.com/intl/es/policies/privacy/
• *(Google+ y Youtube)

7.- Video Surveillance: In SOCIEDADES DEL GRUPO MOONZ. We will treat your personal data with the following purposes: Provision of the requested health services, as well as the administrative management of them. Conservation of the clinical history.

8.- Job applicants: In THE COMPANIES OF THE MOONZ GROUP. We will treat your personal data with the following purposes: Organization of selection processes for hiring employees. Cite him for job interviews and evaluate his candidacy. If you have given us your consent, we can keep your CV to participate in new selection processes. If you have given your consent, we can communicate your CV to group companies, collaborators or related, with the sole purpose of making you participate in their selection processes.

What is the legitimacy for the treatment of your data?

1.- Patients: The legal basis for the treatment of their data is the fulfillment of a legal obligation applicable to the controller, as well as the execution of a contract and the consent of the interested party.

2.- Clients: The legal basis for the treatment of your data is the execution of a contract and maintenance of the contractual relationship. The offer of products and services through electronic means is based on the consent that is requested, without in any case the withdrawal of this consent conditions the execution of the contract.

3.- Suppliers: The legal basis for the treatment of your data is the execution of a contract and maintenance of the contractual relationship.

4.- Contacts of the web or of the electronic mail: The legal basis for the treatment of your data is the consent of the interested party. In those cases where to make a request it is necessary to fill in a form and make a "click" on the submit button, the completion of the same necessarily imply that you have been informed and has expressly granted your consent to the content of the clause attached to that form or acceptance of the privacy policy.

5.- Contacts of the newsletter: The legal basis for the processing of your data is the acceptance and consent of the interested party. In those cases where you subscribe it will be necessary to accept a checkbox and click on the submit button. This will necessarily imply that you have been informed and have expressly granted your consent to receiving the newsletter.

6.- Contacts social networks: The legal basis for the treatment of your data is the acceptance of a contractual relationship in the environment of the corresponding social network, and in accordance with its Privacy policies.

7.- Video Surveillance: The legal basis for the processing of your data is the unequivocal consent of the interested party when accessing our facilities after viewing the information poster of the video surveillance zone.

8.- Job applicants: The legal basis for the treatment of your data is your unequivocal consent, when you give us your CV and receive and sign information regarding the treatments that we are going to carry out.

To which recipients will your data be communicated?

Your data will not be transferred to third parties, except legal obligation. Specifically, the State Agency of the Tax Administration and banks and financial entities will be informed about the collection of the service provided or product purchased, as well as those responsible for the treatment necessary for the execution of the agreement. The data will be communicated to other companies of the MOONZ business group (MOONZ, SL for internal administrative purposes.

What security measures do we apply?

You can rest easy, we have adopted an optimal level of protection of the Personal Data that we handle, and we have installed all the means and technical measures available to us according to the state of technology to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and Theft of Personal Data.

Marketing and Preferences

We may use your personal information to send you marketing by post, by phone, through social media, by email and by text.

We can only use your personal information to send you marketing material if we have your permission or a legitimate interest as described above.

If you don’t want to receive emails from us, you can click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link that appears in all emails we send. If you don’t want to receive texts from us you can tell us by contacting us at any time. Otherwise, you can always contact us here to update your contact preferences.

You have the right to object to direct marketing and profiling (the automated processing of your information to help us evaluate certain things about you, for example, your personal preferences and your interests) relating to direct marketing. Please see the section about your rights for more details.

What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

Any person has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of a treatment of their personal data, to access their personal data, request the rectification of them that are inaccurate or, where appropriate, request the deletion, when among other reasons, the data no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or the interested party withdraws the consent granted. In certain cases, the interested party may request the limitation of the processing of their data, in which case we will only keep them in accordance with current regulations. In certain cases you can exercise your right to the portability of the data, which will be delivered in a structured format, commonly used or mechanically read to you or the new responsible for the treatment you designate. You have the right to revoke consent at any time for any of the treatments for which you have granted it. THE COMPANIES OF THE MOONZ GROUP. It has forms for the exercise of rights that can be requested to the email contacto@moonz.es or use those made by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection or third parties. These forms must be signed electronically or accompanied by a photocopy of the DNI. If you act by proxy in the same way must be accompanied by a copy of your ID or electronic signature. The forms must be presented in person to THE SOCIEDADES DEL GRUPO MOONZ. or sent by postal or electronic mail in the addresses that appear in the "Responsible" section. You have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency in the event that you consider that the exercise of your rights has not been adequately addressed. The maximum period to resolve is one month from the receipt of your request. In the case of any modification of your data, we thank you for communicating it in writing in order to keep your data updated.

How long we keep your personal information?

The personal data will be maintained while maintaining the link with Moonz Group. At the end of the same, the personal data processed in each of the aforementioned purposes will be maintained during the legally stipulated deadlines or during the term that a judge or court may require them, taking into account the limitation period for legal actions. The data processed will be maintained as long as the aforementioned legal deadlines do not expire, if there is a legal maintenance obligation, or if the legal term does not exist, until the interested party requests their deletion or revocation of the consent granted.

We keep your personal information in line with set periods calculated using the following criteria.

• How long you have been a customer with us, the types of products or services you have with us, and when you will stop being our customer.
• How long it is reasonable to keep records to show we have met the obligations we have to you and by law.
• Any time limits for making a claim.
• Any periods for keeping information which are set by law or recommended by regulators, professional bodies or associations.
• Any relevant proceedings that apply.

If you would like more information about how long we will keep your information for, please contact us at contacto@moonz.es

Use of cookies

Pursuant to Spanish legislation relating to the use of cookies laid down in Royal Decree-Law 13/2012, of 30 March, transposing EU “e-Privacy” Directive 2009/136/EC, we hereby inform that the Website uses cookie files for its operation, the majority of which are necessary for the proper functioning thereof. The user can opt not to accept them or to configure their browser to block them and, where appropriate, delete them.

The Website uses the following types of cookies:

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Legal Notice publication

This Legal Notice is available to all persons who access the Website. Those who enter it may freely consult and print it.

The content of the rules shall be adapted in accordance with modifications which may be made in the applicable legislation, the structure of the organisation, the services, the design and technical specifications of the Website, and technological. Therefore, it may be updated periodically and without prior notice. Thus, we suggest that you consult the Legal Notice of the Website frequently to verify the changes thereto over time infrastructure.

Applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction

For the resolution of any controversy or dispute that may arise in relation to the existence, validity, interpretation, application, exercise, non-compliance or nullity of this Legal Notice, the mandatory regulations on applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction shall apply.