Orthodontics for Kids

At Moonz, we recommend the first orthodontics check-up for children at the age of 6 or 7, in order to detect any irregularities in the child's bone and dental growth as early as possible.

The Orthodontics for Children in our centres covers: Interceptive orthodontics, Orthopaedics, and Orthodontics at an early age.

Two phase treatment

Did you know that many of the orthodontic problems that we see in our children can be prevented and/or redirected?

To do this, it important to have the first check-up with the orthodontist when the child is still growing, before the palate has fused, and there is still an area of cartilage.

The main advantage of treatment in two phases is that it increases the possibility of achieving healthier, more functional, more aesthetic, and more stable results for the rest of your child's life.


If the examination is done in time, the specialist will be able to detect potential issues and, if necessary, proceed to the first phase of the treatment, so preventing or redirecting future problems.

Phase I is done on children between 6 and 9 years of age, in order to:

  • 1 Preserve and/or create space for teeth.
  • 2 Correct harmful habits and achieve a proper relationship between the jaws.
  • 3 To a large extent, prevent the extraction of permanent teeth in the future to correct crowding, or even avoid the need for surgical procedures to align the jaws.

During their development, children grow so quickly that they benefit enormously from Phase I preventive orthodontic treatment. This is done with appliances, the purpose of which is to direct the growth of the jaws, providing space for permanent teeth with a balanced relationship between bones.


After Phase I, growth and the emergence of the rest of the permanent teeth are monitored. Generally, periodic controls and the use of retainers at night, or space holders that allow the permanent teeth to emerge are recommended.


When the jaws finish growing and the palate fuses, between 9 and 12 years of age, if necessary, phase two of the treatment will begin, with the principal goal of properly positioning each tooth.

Phase II is done on children after the age of 12 , for the following purpose:

  • Proper positioning of each tooth

Phase two of the orthodontic treatment is to ensure that each tooth has a specific position in harmony with the lips, cheeks, tongue, and other teeth. After this balance is established, the teeth will function correctly as a whole.

Complete orthodontic studies are done before both Phase I and Phase II; comprehensive measurements are taken, and the fully personalized diagnosis and treatment plan is defined. The appliances will comply with the scientific and psychological requirements that correspond to the age of each child.

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