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The pursuit of excellence is a constant effort; it means never flagging in your efforts, paying constant attention, persevering and most importantly, never getting tired of learning. That is why we at Moonz support the continuing education of our specialists, who periodically attend courses, forums, conferences and specialty congresses to improve their knowledge and medical practice.

The most recent of these was an Advanced Course in Lingual Orthodontics, which was attended by our doctors Myriam Sada and Javier Girón, our treatment coordinators, in February in Madrid. The renowned orthodontics specialists Dirk Wiechman and Julius Vu gave the course, bringing is up to date on some of the most recently lingual orthodontics techniques and equipment that they have used successfully in their clinics in Germany in recent years.

The adaptation of their orthodontic treatment techniques in children and teenagers and the detailed description of how they can be applied to specific situations and diagnoses were some of the topics discussed in the course. This information will be very useful to us in our pursuit of even greater service quality and efficiency.

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